The FireBee harvests phone charging power from any heat source. It is the most practical thermal charger ever.

FireBee USB Generator:

Charge USB Powered Devices with Heat Today. You make heat, it makes electricity.

How The FireBee Works

You make heat, it makes electricity.

By simply putting the FireBee’s thermoelectric generator in the chimney on your stove, fireplace, steam pipe, or any strong heat source, the FireBee produces up to 7 Watts of charging power. That’s enough to charge Android or iPhones and light up your cabin, ice fishing shack, or camper with LED lights. It even boils water for cooking while making power!

The FireBee Power Tower is the most powerful thermoelectric generator of its kind. Even a small amount of heat makes a lot of power. You can customize it to use with a small alcohol or propane camp stove, or inside a chimney pipe. The FireBee has two outputs: a USB 5V 2A charging port, and a 12V 125mA wire terminal for trickle charging 12V batteries. More heat means more USB charging power.

The Power Tower is cooled with a water reservoir that will eventually boil as heat goes through the thermoelectric generator. The boiling water can be drained through the spout on the side of the tower for cooking or washing. Please note – it is critical to always keep the water reservoir filled above the spout line to avoid overheating the power modules. So if you continue to use the Power Tower after draining the water, just fill it up again and watch the power rise!

For information on installation into your chimney pipe and technical information, go to

Why The FireBee Is Important

These articles show just how much good the FireBee can do not only for the US consumer but, most importantly, the developing world.

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The FireBee first run is Sold Out!   The new improved FireBee is coming soon.  It can be installed into your current wood stove system with only minor modifications to your wood stove’s current chimney. In the near future, there will be whole FireBee stove systems that would be perfect heat, cooking, and power systems for ice fishing shacks, hunting cabins, and campers. Additionally, we’ll be releasing the BlowerBee, a USB-powered small fan in a fireproof sleeve that blows air into your stove or fire to make it burn more efficiently. Follow HydroBee to learn when those products are available for sale!

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The FireBee Power Tower is a product developed by HydroBee, a Social Purpose Company. Hydrobee is developing personal power products for you and for a billion low-income people in developing countries who don’t have electricity at all. HydroBee products make nature your charging source, so you always have the power from heat, solar, or anything that moves.

FireBee is one of several personal power products from HydroBee SPC. Follow our journey of innovation and impact to help millions of people realize their full potential. Visit to learn more and follow our social media pages.

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